Community Groups are the primary way that we scatter during the week; meeting in small groups centered around a neighborhood, justice need, or common mission. We pray, eat, and spend time together as we focus on living out Jesus’ teachings in our city.

CG's have three identities:

  • Family: Community Groups “do life” together. We share meals, resources, pain, joy, and care for one another as the family of God.
  • Missionary: Community Groups pursue active ways to publicly live out our faith and share the gospel and tangibly embody the kingdom of God in our communities. This is often centered around a common mission (local foster care, a specific business/organization, etc.) or a general neighborhood area.
  • Disciple: Community Groups actively encourage each other in the study of Scripture, learning the teachings of Jesus, becoming more like him, and carrying on his mission in the world.

Community Groups

North Raleigh

Wednesdays 6:30pm Rotating host homes


Hanging out, supporting each other, and doing life together as a community of families with young kids.

Monthly rhythm: Bi-weekly family night potluck / 1st and 3rd weeks, Ladies night 2nd week, Men's night 4th week.


Tuesdays 6:45pm  Rotating host homes


Sharing and prayer for one another – seeking the Holy Spirit’s voice to guide and His power to impact our walk with Jesus.

East Cary

Tuesdays 6:45pm Rotating host homes


Sharing and prayer for one another – seeking the Holy Spirit’s voice to guide and His power to impact our walk with Jesus.


Wednesdays 6:30pm


Growing in knowledge and love of the gospel of Jesus through investing in one another with food, fellowship, prayer, and scripture.

Families with youth

Tuesdays 6:30pm


A group for families with Jr.High and High School aged kids, creating community for teens and their families.

Newly married

Wednesdays 6:30pm


Building a strong foundation for newly married couples, while building healthy and encouraging community.

Fuquay Varina

Tuesdays 6:30pm Rotating host homes


2nd and 4th weeks. Off weeks are encouraged to spend time with neighbors or other families from Emmaus; eating food, prayer and discussions are encouraged.


We are committed to finding a way out of the shame caused by sexual sin. We know there is hope through Jesus Christ, who wholly understands, because He was tempted just as we are. For those who have tried and failed to achieve sexual purity, we want you to know that you are not alone. We meet weekly for mutual support, accountability, and to honestly confess our utter dependence on Jesus Christ. You can share your story in a safe, confidential, and anonymous environment with other men or women who have achieved victory they never dreamed possible. You can overcome sexual sin, but you can’t do it alone, there is hope!  Contact for more information; your identity will be kept strictly confidential.