Ministry Assistant Fund

We’re excited to announce a new position we’re filling called Ministry Assistant! 
Join us as we raise money to support this role.

A Growing Vision

Over the last few months, God’s been stirring some new things in our hearts: church unity, racial reconciliation, justice work in our city, leadership development, and investing in our young single professionals group, just to name a few!

If we’re going to continue to move forward and grow in our mission and vision as a church, we need someone to help with the daily details are a part of a growing, mobile church.



A New Role

As a result, Jacob Troupe will be joining Emmaus staff as ministry assistant for one year. Jacob’s role would consist of two primary objectives:

  1. Practically help Bryan with all of the details surrounding the vision of our church.

  2. Continue to develop our Youth Ministry and Young Professionals groups.


A Step of Faith

In the coming weeks, Jacob will be quitting his job at Yellow Dog, while continuing to be enrolled in school as he steps into this new role.

Join us as we rally as a church to raise the funds needed to support Jacob for the coming year. 

(This role is different than the Assisting Pastor role we’re still praying about as a church.)