Value for Mission

We believe God has called us to love, serve and share the good news of the kingdom locally and globally as cultural missionaries actively declaring the gospel in word and deed.

Value for Community

The scriptures speak of the church as a body and a family, therefore rather than viewing our lives as disconnected individuals, we see our lives most effectively lived out as an interconnected community. We are thus committed to living our lives as loving and loyal members of God's family.

Value for Artistry

We view beauty as one of the most effective pointers to the goodness of God, therefore we celebrate and acknowledge creative beauty as a means by which God is profoundly seen and experienced.

Value for Thinking

We value the life of the mind, realizing our minds are a gift from God and the place where the majority of spiritual warfare takes place. We thus believe God has commissioned followers of Jesus to courageously engage in the arena of academia as active contributors in all fields of science and knowledge.

Value for Prayer

Our aim and calling is to be a people who pray. We believe prayer changes reality by moving the hand of God, we therefore desire to prioritize prayer as the center and life line of our church community.