Fowler Farewell

Dear Emmaus Family,

By now most of you are aware that the Fowler family is in a season of transition. So we want to take this opportunity to share a few thoughts with you and let you know that we will be making our cross country move back to Oregon at the end of April.

Throughout our five years in North Carolina we experienced much goodness: close friendships, genuine love, generosity and a steadfast commitment to fight for each other. We experienced authentic Christianity, and we know it will be very difficult to say goodbye to this wonderful community. Even still we have a peace from God about our decision, sensing that given the specific ages and stages of our family, it is time for us to move closer to our parents, grandparents, etc.

There really aren’t words to properly convey just how much Emmaus has meant to our family. You have loved and supported us in so many ways, walking with us in the good times and during some of the more difficult seasons of life. We know that this kind of love and friendship is unique and special; you will forever remain very dear to us!

We believe that in spite of our sadness and the difficulty of this decision God is truly up to something. In His wonderful way He is working things together for the Fowlers and for the Emmaus family simultaneously.

Nonetheless, leadership transitions can be very difficult in a church, and we will each experience varying degrees of grief and uncertainty. But I believe there are times when a leadership change can actually make room for what God is doing next by creating an opportunity for new things to come forth. So we should move forward with hope, anticipating what Father has planned for the next chapter of the Emmaus story.

We are grateful that the church is not built on any one person, gifting or leadership position, and that Emmaus is truly a “Jesus Church”. Each person the Lord brought to Emmaus has played a role in our collective story, and for the last five years I watched God work powerfully in and through this community. We can rejoice over the lives we have touched along the way.

I believe our community is strong, I believe our community is gifted, I believe our community is connected. I believe God in you all. I am extremely grateful and confident in the great elders and leadership team God has blessed us with. We are a community that is all about Jesus, His people and His mission!

So let us be hopeful and prayerful in the coming days.


We love you dearly and will miss you greatly!

With all our love and gratitude,

The Fowlers