Holy Friday, Isaiah 53 and Lectio Divina

Holy Friday, Isaiah 53 and Lectio Divina

This year as with many “Holy Fridays” in the past, I am re-reading Isaiah 53 “The Suffering Servant” prophecy written some 700 yrs before Christ came. My approach to the Isaiah reading this year has varied slightly as I have introduced a practice I learned about recently called Lectio Divina Latin for divine reading. Lectio Divina is basically a prayerful Scripture reading practice that has been in use for over a thousand years. The practice is simply a way of ruminating on God’s Word and listening to what He has to say to us from Scripture. 

Ash Wednesday and Valentines Day Together?

Ash Wednesday and Valentines Day Together?

Today marks the beginning of the 40 days of Lent leading up to Easter Sunday and today according the liturgical church calendar for millions of Christians and for 100’s of years, the church has commemorated “Ash Wednesday” (maybe you’ve noticed people with ashes on their foreheads around town)— Ash Wednesday is a day of humbling ourselves in fasting, prayer and repentance as we begin the Lenten season. 

Advent Pt. 3 John, A Desert Voice

Hope in desert places

We stood in a hospital room this past week, praying over a beautiful two year old girl who is fighting for her life. The tubes coming out of her in multiple directions and the bandages covering her head painted a bleak picture. We prayed over her parents, utterly consumed and confused by what was happening to the precious daughter. We prayed the night prior, multiple people uttering prayer after prayer. We have prayed through the past two years, multiple times, together, by ourselves, in large groups and small, loudly and softly.

Advent Pt. 2 Jesus, the Glory of the Father

“Who do you think she looks like, you or Erik?” If we had a dollar for every time we’ve heard this question in the last 9 weeks since our daughter’s birth, we’d have a pretty good chunk of change right about now.  Psychologists say it’s common for us to look for recognizable characteristics in the people around us; we all look for traits, however big or small, that help us relate to each other and better make sense of our interpersonal relationships.

Advent Pt.1 Jesus Our Light

A few months ago I was really dealing with fear and anxiety, not something I've struggled with much in my life historically but there it was. I was losing sleep, getting frequent headaches, feeling squeezed inside and having reoccurring thoughts and dreams that exposed and exploited my fear of the future. We've all likely had things in our lives that caused fear and anxiety.

The War on Loneliness Pt.5

Good Tuesday Friends, 

Today I have a challenge for you, give one or two attributes of a “true friend”, A friend is…  I hope to collect lots of adjectives and then put then string them together to create a collaborative definition, so please go ahead and participate just give me one word or adjective and you can know you’ve contributed to a revolution!!

Friendship Pt.3

One of the great difficulties in this journey of discovering friendship is that most of us would struggle to define what “real friendship” is… I’d venture to say the majority of modern people have companions but not friendship. The wisdom writer makes a distinction between companions and a friend who sticks closer than a brother.