A Prayer that Helps Me!


“When my spirit grows faint within me, it is you who watch over my way.” Psalms 142v3

There are times when life becomes too heavy and the only prayer you have is the word… “Here.” 

…like the Mom who’s been holding a screaming baby all day and her husband walks in the door and all she can say is “Here!” 

…like the kid who’s been trying to put the trampoline he got for Christmas together and he can’t make sense of all the poles and springs and black canvas material and then Dad walks over and the boy hands him the instruction manual “Here!”

…like the teenage girl in the bathroom trying to fix her hair for the school dance and its not working and her mother calmly walks in the bathroom and her exasperated daughter hands over the curling iron “Here!” 

…like the wife in a difficult marriage, the father who’s out of work and bills are stacking up, the lonely single person who can’t seem to find somebody, the parents who received a child’s negative medical diagnosis, the life overshadowed by despair… you just pray… “Here!”  

There’s so much in that simple prayer—“Here”— take this it’s too much, too complicated, too heavy, beyond my strength— Here, you’re older, wiser, stronger— I can’t do this anymore, I’ve lost too much sleep, strength, health, peace, energy… I’m done carrying this! 

That’s the prayer that frees and lightens the soul, there are some things you just have to release to Father and let go, stop carrying it— you do what you know to do and don’t worry about what you don’t know and can’t fix… you don’t have to carry it, even though the problem persists, it’s not your problem anymore… you gave it to Father, leave it with Him. 

You have limits, you can’t do everything or be everything for everyone… confess your limits and turn the heavy stuff over to Father and then you find that mysteriously though nothing has changed… I feel lighter, more relaxed, more centered… try it, release the heavy things and regularly practice saying “Here” every time you start trying to carry the heavy and live free!