Don't Let Worry Win!

“Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.” 
Proverbs 12v25

For me “worry” always seemed like “little old lady syndrome”,  frail people worry, weak people worry, strong people take action, capable people work hard and confidently face their problems. Thats what I used to think… then I moved out of my parents house (smile)

I got married, started paying bills, we had kids, I was out of work, I felt uncertain about the future, my kids became teenagers, I started having dizzy spells, cars broke down, air conditioners went out in the summer time, people got mad at me, I became the pastor of a church plant, the dog got sick, the roof leaked, the oven blew up, we had family problems, money was tight… in other words “life happened” and I started worrying.    

And I discovered something about myself, when I worry, its not good… I don’t sleep well, my insides feel like they’re boiling, I get frequent headaches, I’m grouchy, I have a hard time concentrating, I crave unhealthy food, I don’t laugh very much and prayer becomes very, very difficult… worry is hellish.  

Jesus had one basic thing to say about worry… “its a waste of time” 

Matthew 6v25-34

Your Father will take care of you, He cares for the bird, she doesn’t go to work, save, invest or plan for the future but Father takes care of her and she won’t go without. 

Why use your life worrying about things Father promised to take care of? 

Has worry ever helped? Jesus said “you can’t even add an hour to your life by worry” but you sure can take hours off of your life by worrying. Worry is the illusion of control, thinking “its all up to me and if I fail or don’t take care of it everything is going to fall apart.” 

The basic truth about life is, you only have the moment you’re in! Don’t let concern about tomorrow steal today from you, each new day is enough, be here, be present, right here, right now, live one day at a time and be free from worry!   

Shalom to you Brothers and Sisters!